9 Best Fitness Gyms in The World : Cheap and Luxury

9 Best Fitness Gyms in The World : Cheap and Luxury

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I wish I've many chances to join the best a good cheap gyms near me, with great gym equipment, and compatible with my schedule.
Like americans have never had more choices in terms of fitness clubs. All hours’ access, hula-dancing classes, Pilates reformer machines, mountain biking field trips… you name it, the best clubs in the business offer these and more.
We made a list based on a number of factors. Some made the list for size and convenience, some for ambiance and anxiety exercises, some for creative services based on personal trainer certification. Here's the best gym clubs :

9 Best Fitness Gyms in the Globe - Winners Total Fitness

1. Equinox Gym

It's probably America's best fitness chain. They rave about the gym's amenities, which include classes taught by former Olympians and spa treatments. There are more than 135 locations within major cities across the United States.There are also many benefits for new members like Complimentary self training , session and 25% off your first treatment at The Spa, (massage, facial, whatever you want), kids club for who has kids and a lot of benefits you find it

2. Throwback Fitness

For America’s most-populous cities and especially any New York sports club, the top-rated fitness center is Throwback Fitness. The Throwback team has already had their gym featured on a number of other media outlets, and is a true success story that has resulted from the hard work of co-founders
Ryan Wilke and Brian Gallagher.

3. Sitaras Fitness

If you're looking for hardcore strength training while remaining true to luxury lifestyle, Sitaras training is the perfect fit. Members can relax on a 3500 square foot landscaped terrace after a workout. Locker rooms are facing in dark oak and each shower is equipped with rain shower head and terrazzo floor. The philosophy of Sitaras also involves a complete digital monitoring section that collects information on your workout and get improve it.

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4. Curves

Professional Trainer Curves Fitness - Winners Total Fitness
Curves pro coach at a session

The popular women-only fitness clubs are tapping into the wave of baby boomers who are realizing fitness needs to be a part of a healthy life. Curves has boosted its success by appealing to those just getting into exercise and by providing a comfortable atmosphere for women who would not otherwise join a gym.

Curves is one of the largest chains of fitness centers. The Curves exercise circuit consists of hydraulic resistance machines, and women move from one to the next with aerobic exercises.

5. Gold's Gym

This old gym located in Venice Beach has morphed into a family friendly global gym that caters to all ages which founded in 1965, with over 700 locations across the globe.

Gold’s boasts a culture of personal trainer that helps members reach the next level of their health goals, whether training for a marathon, getting fit after pregnancy or learning how to stay fit with Diabetes.
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6. Anytime Fitness

AnyTime Fitness - Winners Total Fitness
AnyTime Fitness Gym in Rosemount, MN 24/7

You’re not going to get any special programs here but what you will get is 24/7 access and affordability. This is the perfect gym for people who have busy schedules and aren’t looking for all the added bells and whistles.

Anytime Fitness’ growth shows how popular these inexpensive and easy facilities are, they currently open a new location every business day.

7. CrossFit

Builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts.

Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather with the goal of building a body that has an ability to practice anything and everything.
CrossFit gym is extremely different from a commercial gym… And not just because you won’t find any Pilates reformer machine, weight machines, Pack Abs or Zumba.

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8. Life Time Fitness

LifeTime Fitness Gym Near me - Winners Total Fitness

This fitness center is one of the most goal-oriented. They evaluate their 
achievement through the level of customer satisfaction.
Each new member meets with a personal trainer and receives a metabolic profile assessment. This decides the productivity of body working and overall fitness. You can practice that plan with individual workouts or group training. No matter what you choose, the Lifetime staff will follow your progress and support your effort and understanding how long you need to workout in gym.

9. Planet Fitness

This fitness center goes without introductions, its well-known. Equipped with tons of cardio and strength equipment, unlimited fitness training, super friendly staff.

it has cheap membership, but it's a wrong place for lifting in the Olympic Style or someone who is really strong and powerful because the largest dumbbells are only 80 pounds.
But planet fitness really suggested !

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