The 4 Best Tips for Meal Prep to Improve Your Healthy Diet Efforts

The 4 Best Tips for Meal Prep to Improve Your Healthy Diet Efforts

The 4 Best Tips for Meal Prep to Improve Your Healthy Diet Efforts - Winners Total Fitness

Meal prep is a great way for us time-poor people to put nutritious food with healthy snacks on the table if done right with cool meal prep ideas. To make a real investment in your health, you need to prep the right amounts with good ingredients using healthy recipes that will keep or freeze well. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your precious time and money.

4 Tips of Meal Prep To Maximize Your Health Efforts - Winners Total Fitness

Here are 4 tips I wish I’d started doing years ago that will help you get the most out of your meal prep: 

1. Read food labels carefully

Read Food Labels - Winners Total Fitness

When you decide of going out to putting your legs in a grocery, focus on how much nutrition facts claims in your foods, and % Daily Value. Compare between the versions of an ingredient you're looking for, and choose the most nutritious. That said, you should also learn the back story behind these labels, and how to use them with caution.
For the record they don’t always tell the whole story about your food (which you think it's healthy foods).

2. Start a stockpile of recipes

Stock your recipes in a store - Winners Total Fitness

There’s nothing to stop you in your meal prep tracks quite like having no idea what to make. By investing a little time in building a store of recipes that make a lot of volume and freeze well, you can spare yourself that demotivating slump later. Look for veggie-heavy chili, curry, and paleo meals and pull together a list you can choose from when the time comes.

3. Get your serving sizes in check

Serving sizes in check meal prep in Tupperware containers - Winners Total Fitness
Saving foods in containers

Watch out for meal prep overload, where you pack way too much into those meal prep containers and Tupperware containers  and effectively self-sabotage your healthy eating efforts. Research suggests that most Canadians underestimate their serving sizes, and in turn, overdo it on the meat and carbs.
And remember, looks can be deceiving: instead of just eyeballing it, measure or weigh your portions.

4. Keep track

Keep tracking your foods and meals - Winners Total Fitness

If you follow through on #3, above, you’ll have an easier time recording what you eat which is one of the best investments you can make in healthy eating.
Looking back at a written version of what you’ve consumed today, the past week, and the past month can help you literally see where you’re crushing your goals and where you could use some adjustments.
Tracking your food intake will set you up for some very real, long-term gains or perhaps losses
MyFitnessPal (Web and App) is very recommended for calories counter, you can read the full article here

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