6 Benefits Of Bananas Do They Lead To Weight Gain ?

6 Benefits Of Bananas Do They Lead To Weight Gain ?

6 Benefits Of Bananas Do They Lead To Weight Gain ?

I don't think I have actually met a person who can say that bananas won't make you gain weight.

While there is an increasing awareness on this topic, still millions of people relate bananas with weight gain, I won't say it is entirely wrong, but I get frustrated when people don't even google this kind of stuff and just give their verdict.
This is the problem I want to solve, because if people don't know what they should be doing, how can they expect to get results? They won't eat a banana because their so called well-wishers have strictly warned them, that bananas lead to weight gain. What if it's the other way around and you just wasted your precious time, maybe months or years trying to get back in shape? Did you ask for a valid reason behind their judgment? How can someone blindly trust anything?

And bananas are just a tip of the ice berg, tell your folks you're thinking of buying whey protein powder and you'll invite your worst nightmare. A lot of people even have to swear on their parents' life to never to buy things like protein powders and any other stuff they can't understand. Enough said about myths, let's analyze how bananas make you gain weight, or not.

You need carbohydrates as your primary source of energy, without these, you cannot survive your day. And if you don't burn those carbohydrates during the day, they will get stored in fat. This is why every body should monitor how many carbohydrates they are consuming and have an active lifestyle that burns those carbs.

That being said, you should know that 1 chapati and 1 banana have a similar amount of carbohydrates in them.

Along with carbohydrates, you also need fiber, which helps to slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, which is very important. And when your carbohydratedigestion is slowed down, you will get energy supply for a longer period, meaning, you will stay full, with energy to do your chores. You will less likely to be tempted by that chocolate pastry your colleague just brought in lunch.

1 chapati and 1 banana, also have a similar amount of fiber present in them.

So, what a banana has extra is the amount of sugar in it. But you should understand that sugar too is of different types, fruits sugar (fructose) is not a bad thing for you. Plus bananas are a great source of energy and can be consumed for breakfast or lunch, or they can also be consumed as a snack.

It is interesting how word travels fast, it takes just one person to defame a single fruit without a valid reason, and the next thing you know, demand curve of bananas starts falling. I wonder why people don't say the same thing about an apple, which has a similar carbohydrate, sugar and fiber content to a banana. May be because  "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is already pretty famous, they can't seem to catch a break.

So how can a banana make you gain weight?

There is nothing wrong in eating a banana and it will not lead to weight gain, it is just the timing of your consumption. Like I said, bananas are a great source of energy, which you cannot burn at night, because it is your sleeping time. Not only banana but also over consumption of chapati or any other fruit for that matter can lead to weight gain if you are overeating those at night.

When to consume a banana?

You can eat bananas for breakfast, lunch, snacks workout, post workout. This does not mean you cannot eat a banana at night, you just have to eat it well before your bedtime so that by the time you go to sleep, you had already burnt the energy you got from that banana.

Benefits of eating a banana

  • Burns Fat
One medium Banana is just 100 calories, if you consume 2 bananas for lunch, or breakfast, it will give you the energy you need, in just 200 calories. Also, the amount of fiber present in a banana will make you stay full, you won't get those cravings.
  • Improves Digestion
As I have already mentioned, bananas contain a good amount of fiber in them which plays a key role improving your digestion.

  • Helps fight diabetes
Diabetics find it hard to not let their insulin spike, which is why they are not allowed to eat stuff like pizza, bread, pasta, anything which does not have fiber in them, Carbs without fiber will spike your insulin levels. Having fiber, bananas are a good option for diabetics to consume. In fact, studies have shown that consuming bananas every day can result in improved blood sugar levels.

  • Improves blood pressure
Bananas are also high in potassium which plays a key role in dilating your blood vessels, which lowers blood pressure. To lower blood pressure, you need to limit your salt consumption and increase potassium intake.

  • High on Vitamin C and B6
It is a well-known fact that a person cannot simply manage to get all the essential vitamins and minerals from his/her diet. You can eat a lot of things but still can't get all the vitamins and minerals. But, if you know what food items can offer in terms of vitamins, then you're more likely to get those vitamins.
Vitamin C can protect your heart from diseases, helps to absorb iron (yes, if you consume iron without Vitamin C, it won't get absorbed by the body). It can also maintain cholesterol, improves the immune system, fight cold and a tonne of other things. Bottom line, it is very important to consume Vitamin C.
Also, you need B vitamins, which are destroyed while cooking food or drinking alcohol. They are essential for your nervous system, brain, and cardiovascular function. They help your body to break down carbs, protein, and fats and supply energy.

  • Helps to prevent Cancer
Studies have shown that Vitamin C plays a great role in reducing the risk Leukemia in children. Also, fiber helps to lower the risk of colorectal cancer.

The next time someone says bananas lead to weight gain, just tell them what are the benefits they are missing out by avoiding a banana.

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